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MCF5208 Evaluation Kit

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Complete integrated development system with BDM debugging

  • M5282EVB Microcontroller with 32MB SDRAM, Ethernet, RF...
  • EVB preloaded with uClinux: serves web pages right out of the box
  • Powerful GNU C/C++ compiler, assembler, library
  • Freescale CodeWarrior Professional Development Suite
  • SBCTools Integrated Development toolchain preconfigured for the M5208EVB
  • P&E USB-MultiLink BDM debug pod, supporting software & cable
  • RTL5282, a library of hardware specific C functions and integration files
  • Fully annotated Demo C tutorial programs, for "hands on" learning
  • Complete set of manuals and schematics on CD-ROM
  • Wall-mount 100 - 260vac to regulated 9vdc multi-plug power supply
  • 7 ft. Ethernet CAT-5 cable
  • 6 ft DB9 M/F serial cable



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