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Wildfire 5282

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$199 USD

Tiny, fast, with resources for Linux

Credit card-sized Ethernet (ColdFire MCF5282) SBC (Single Board Computer) connects directly to sensors, switches, relays and communication channels with 57 digital I/O pins, 8 filtered analog inputs with 10 bit resolution, 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, 3 serial ports with RS232 level signals, 1 CAN port, a SD connector for mass storage up to 1GB or for WiFi or BlueTooth, an optional zero-power hibernation feature and moreā€¦



  • 64MHz FreeScale Integrated ColdFire Version 2 Microcontroller


  • 512K fast on-chip FLASH EPROM
  • 64K fast on-chip SRAM
  • 2 - 4 MB flash memory for program storage
  • 16 MB fast SDRAM for program execution

  • ..Ample memory forLinux, datalogging as well as debugging in SRAM

    SD Card Socket

    • 16 MB - 1GB removable SD memory card (opt.) or 802.11 adapter card

    • ..for obscene amounts of non-volatile memory and/or WiFi and Bluetooth SDIO cards

    Timer Port (2x10 header)

    • 16 Input capture or output compare (also GP I/O)

    • ..for stepper motor control, D/A conversion

    Interrupt Port (2x5 header)

    • 7 Edge or level interrupt pins (also GP I/O)

    • ..for instant response to critical events.

    A/D Port (2x8 header)

    • 8 highly programmable Analog Inputs
    • 10 bit, 140KHz sampling rate

    • ..for input from microphones, analog sensors, thermistors pressure transducers, etc.

    3 Configurable I/O Ports (3-2x5 headers)

    • 3 x 8 general purpose I/O pins, independently configurable as either an input or output

    • drive relays, sense switches

    Debug Port

    • Supports the P&E ICDPPC In-Circuit Emulator/ Debug pod.

    • ..for the ultimate in debug control
    • Can alternate as 9 gen purpose I/O

    Ethernet Port (RJ45 Socket)

    • 10/100 BaseT capability, half or full duplex

    • ..for high speed internet connectivity, send emails, serve web pages, ftp files, etc.

    3 Serial Ports (3-2x5 headers)

    • 3 UARTs with RS232 level signals: 2 DCE + 1 DTE

    • ..Connect to host PC, high speed modem, instruments, etc.

    CAN 2.0B Port (screw terminal)

    • CAN Port with transceiver - to 1Mbps
    • Full implementation of CAN 2.0A and 2.0B

    • ..for robust networking in noisy environments

    LCD/Keypad Port (2x7 header)

    • Signals to drive character based LCDs (including contrast pot.) and signals to interrogate up to 16 contact keypads

    • ..for user interactivity in the field

    Additional Timers

    • 4 Periodic Interrupt Timer

    • trigger periodic events
    • SWT (Software Watchdog Timer)
    • recover from software lockup

    Clock/Calendar Option

    • Battery backed clock/calendar and hibernation circuit

    • turn power off and restore power seconds to a week later


    • 6 - 24 vdc unregulated input - 2.1mm center
    • Switching power supply on-board

    • ..accepts a wide range of input voltages

    Typical Applications

    Powerful general-purpose microcontroller, [low power] data acquisition systems, communications, electric and internal combustion motor controller, robotics, automotive, avionics, industrial control, etc.

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