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Power PC 555 Debugger

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ICDPPCz In-Circuit BDM Debugger for the PowerPC MPC555 and 8xx

P&E's ICDPPCz for Windows is a powerful tool for debugging code. It uses the processor's background debug mode (BDM), via the ICD cable, to give the user full control of all on-chip resources. The ICDPPCz software works with MPC555 and 8xx embedded PowerPC devices.


Integrated Debugger Environment

  • Full-speed in-circuit emulation
  • Breakpoints with counters on the Nth execution
  • Variables window showing bytes, words, strings, and long words
  • Realtime execution as well as multiple tracing modes
  • Startup and Macro files for automating the debug process
  • Context-sensitive help for all commands
  • Support for symbolic register files
  • Full assembly souce-level debugging
  • C source-level debugging based on IEEE695 format

System Requirements

  • Cable PPC BDM Interface (Host PC’s LPT to target micro’s BDM port)
  • Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, 2003

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