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Intec Project Manager (IPM)

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IDE, project manager, and control panel for GNU compiler

The good news is that GNU C/C++ is powerful, free public license software. The bad news is that it is complex and command line driven. This is where IPM comes in. IPM is a user-friendly wrapper for GNU C/C++ that hides the intricacies of make files and command line switches.


GNU C/C++ and IPM

  • Installation CD with pre-built binaries hides the complexity of installing GNU
  • GCC commands and switches are hidden. The user need not be aware of them
  • Advanced users can access and modify GCC and linker command files
  • Powerful Project Manager simplifies management of large projects
  • Files are added or removed from a project by simply directly through the Project window, source tab
  • Pre-configured build types (to execute from flash, or from RAM for debug) and options are selected from a properties window
  • Projects accept mixed C, assembler and object files
  • Clear and informative error messages link to offending code in the editor
  • Powerful syntax highlighting editor helps reduce the number of coding errors
  • Generates elf or P&E compatible map files for C source level debugging
  • Powerful Assembler included
  • Libraries are created like any other project, except that the output is chosen as "Library" instead of "Executable" in the Project Properties
  • One click launch of debugger

System Requirements

  • Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, 2003

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