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WildFire Runtime Libraries

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Library of WildFire (MCF5282) Specific Functions

These well documented library functions, specific to the WidFire (ColdFire MCF5282) microcontroller greatly simplify the development process, being fully compatible with the GNU C/C++ compiler. It also contains functions to interface to the OpenTCP TCP/IP stack. A large number of annotated tutorial programs further assist in reducing the development cycle.


Analog to Digital Conversion (A/D)


ad_init( sample_tics, mode)

Initializes analog to digital conversion module on the 5282

ad_get( chan )

Returns an average, or the most recent conversion value

mv_get( ad_count )

Converts a raw conversion value to millivolts


Console Input Output (In Addition to stdio.h)


chkch( )

Checks for a character on the console returns immediately

kbhit( )

Another name for chkch

getch( )

Gets a character from the console, waits indefinitely


Digital Input and Output (I/O)


dio_init( port, mask, dir )

Initialize a digital pin(s) to be either input or output

dio_set( port, mask, value )

Set the value of a digital pin(s) to either high or low

dio_get( port )

Get the value of the digital pins on the specified port


DMA 32-Bit Timers (DT)


dt_init( port, level_prior, isr )

Initialize a DMA timer port

dt_act_set( port, count, action )

Set the action for the output compare pin on the specified port

dt_edge_set( port, edge )

Set the edge for the input capture pin on the specified port

dt_count_get( port )

Get the current count for the port specified

dt_freq_set( port, freq )

Set the frequency for the counter on the port specified

dt_flag_clear( port, source )

Clear the interrupt flag for the port specified


Edge Port (IRQ)


irq_init( pin, mode, isr )

Initialize an IRQ pin to trigger an interrupt on a specified edge

irq_flag_clear( pin )

Clear the interrupt flag for the specified IRQ pin


External Flash (XFlash)


xf_erase( start, end, callback )

Erase one or more sectors in external flash

xf_read( addr, offset, size, callback )

Copies from flash to address in memory

xf_write( addr, offset, size, callback )

Copies from address in memory to flash

xf_sec_size( )

Get the erase sector size in external flash in bytes

xf_size( )

Get the size of external flash in bytes

xf_verify( addr, offset, size )

Verifies data in flash against data in memory


General Purpose Timers (GPT)


gpt_ic_init( port, pin, level_prior, isr )

Initialize the GPT pin to input capture mode

gpt_ic_edge_set( port, pin, edge )

Set the input capture edge for the specified GPT pin

gpt_oc_init( port, pin, … )

Initialize the GPT pin to output compare mode

gpt_oc_act_set( port, pin, … )

Set the action for the output compare pin

gpt_count_get( port, pin )

Get the current count of the GPT timer

gpt_freq_set( port, freq )

Set the frequency of the GPT timer

gpt_flag_clear( port, pin )

Clear the interrupt flag




isr_register( isr, vector, …)

Add a handler to the dBUG vector table

isr_remove( isr )

Remove this handler from the dBUG vector table

ipl_set( level )

Set the interrupt priority levels to be recognized by the CPU

enable( )

Enable all interrupts

disable( )

Disable All interrupts


LCD and Keypad (LCD/Kpd)


lcd_init( line_font, status_blink )

Initialize the LCD screen with lines, font, cursor, cursor status

lcd_locate( position )

Set the position of the cursor on the LCD screen

lcd_putch( c )

Put a character to the LCD screen at the cursor position

lcd_putstr( s )

Put a string to the LCD screen at the cursor position

lcd_clear( line )

Clear all text on the LCD screen

lcd_control( code )

Send a control code to the LCD screen.



kpd_init( )

Initialize the matrix keypad

kpd_chkch( )

Check for a key pressed on the keypad and return

kpd_getch( )

Wait for a key press and return the key.


Periodic Interrupt Timers (PIT)


pit_init( channel, clkdiv, … )

Initialize a PIT with a clock divider, initial count, and isr

pit_get( channel )

Get the current count for the PIT

pit_flag_clear( channel )

Clear the PIT interrupt flag


Real Time Clock (RTC)


rtc_get( )

Get the time from the RTC as a TimeStruct

rtc_set( time )

Set the time on the RTC with a TimeStruct

rtc_alarm_set( time )

Set the RTC alarm and turn the board off, board will wake at “time”


Secure Digital Card (SD)


sd_init( )

Initialize the SD card for reading and writing.

sd_earse( start, end )

Erase one or more sectors on the SD card

sd_read( addr, offset, size, callback )

Copies from SD to address in memory

sd_write( addr, offset, size, callback )

Copies from address in memory to SD card

sd_verify( addr, offset, size, callback )

Verifies data on SD card against data in memory

sd_sec_size( size )

Return the sector size for the SD card

sd_size( size )

Return the SD card writable size in bytes


Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART)


uart_init( port, parity, … )

Initialize a UART with a baud, parity, stop bits, etc.

uart_getch( port )

Wait for a character from the UART and return it

uart_putch( port, c )

Put a character on the UART

uart_putstr( port, s )

Put a string on the UART

uart_chkch( port )

Check for a character on the UART and return



uart_com3_dtr_set( state )

Set or clear DTR line on COM3

uart_com3_rts_set( state )

Set or clear the RTS line on COM3


Watchdog Timer (WDT)


wdt_disable( )

Disable the watchdog timer

wdt_timeout_set( count )

Set the timeout length for the watchdog timer

wdt_feed( )

Service the watchdog timer to prevent it from timing out


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