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SBCTools Standard

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$199 USD


Complete software development tool-set for the WildFire 5282

The Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) brings ease of use and features of desktop software development to the embedded world. The C Development Tools (CDT) seamlessly incorporate the GNU compiler collection (GCC) and the GNU Debugger (GDB) into a professional front end. Additional plug-ins load files into external flash or an SD, simplify target configuration and provide a serial console. Eclipse offers powerful projects project management features, CVS source control, code completion, find in files, and many more features. Users can add third party plug-ins or develop their own.

This integrated tool-set is supplied with GCC for the MCF5282, GDB for the ColdFire dBUG monitor remote serial target and a board support package (BSP) for the WildFire5282 that includes a hardware interface library and annotated demo programs to speed development time.


Source Editing

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code completion
  • Multiple file editors with tabbed interface
  • Advanced find and find-in-files searching capabilities


  • GCC compiler for the ColdFire processor
  • Compiler runs as native windows application (no cygwin)
  • C library provided by newlib
  • Double click errors and warnings to automatically be advanced to the suspect line
  • See full console output from within IDE


  • Set a breakpoint by right-clicking on the source line
  • Step Over, Step Into, Step Return, Resume
  • Inspect memory by mousing over any variable (tooltip expression evaluation)
  • Watch and modify variables by adding expressions to a watch window
  • View and modify CPU Registers
  • Interact with the local gdb console if desired


  • CVS Source control
  • Background compilation
  • Fully extendable with third party plug-ins
  • Open source project with active community

Project Management

  • Create elf, s19, and even libraries and archives
  • Add/Remove files and folders - unlimited directory strucutre
  • Multiple configurations (e.g. Debug, Release)

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